Home Daycares In Vaughan, Ontario

Childcare Name: Wee Watch
Contact: Sandra Christidis
Phone #: 647-933-1153
Closest Major Intersection: Vaughan/Caledon
Hours: 7:00am-6:00pm
Special services offered:
Openings available? YES
Email Sandra@weewatchvaughan.com
Website: www.weewatch.com

Wee Watch is a Licensed Home Day Care Agency. We screen all of our Providers and conduct monthly surprise visits in their homes. Our providers are certified in First Aid/CPR and attend monthly workshops conducted by Wee Watch. If you would like to register your child with Wee Watch and be provided with a list of Home Providers in your area, please visit www.weewatch.com and complete an on-line application.

E-Mail: Contact Sandra
Childcare Name:
Phone #:
Closest Major Intersection:
Openings available?
Special services offered:






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